Importance of medical herb plantation in home

People are often interested in making their home garden as medical garden with lots of medical herbs plantation. While doing so it you to live a healthy but to make possible this you need to do some field work.

Basically planting random medical herbs will not give much importance because each medical herb has different purpose so you need to make sure what medicinal herbs to grow at home?

However there are different medical herbs which are widely used you need to choose herb which would be often necessary in home.

For example if your home locality is with cold climate which would cause cold and reduce immunity to your family members. Then you should prefer medical herb which would increases the immunity and remedy for the cold infection.

The top most essential medical herbs for home remedies:

Although there are several medical herbs available the top most used medical herbs especially for home remedies are listed below with their usages and functions.

  • Aloe Vera
  • Peppermint
  • Thyme

Aloe Vera: this herb is most commonly known as skin friendly plant since this herb has specialty to cure all skin problems and does not require much process do take it. Since it is easy in growth you can grow either in pot or in outdoor garden, the only think you need to ensure is about sunlight. This herb grows in warmer areas and in sunny places initially you can try with one or two. There are several Aloe Veras not all has medical properties the one which is like jelly and colourless pulp is most preferred to cure all skin infection and diseases.

medicinal plants to grow

Peppermint: this herb is one of the oldest herbs which are used as mouth refreshing products. You can use these peppermint leaves to sprig with tea will cure stomach upset. More over it acts as a cooling agent on the skin, it avoids allergy and on continuous in take it prevent you from nausea, motion sickness and vomiting sensation. Even this can be used for treating inflammatory wounds, skin allergies and burning or itching in skin.

Thyme: this is one of the difficult medicinal plants to grow in home because this herb grows between rock and in sunny locations. The thyme herb has more than 50% thymol content which cure mouth sores and bad breath when it is applied in neck it reduces throat infections. While inhaling the vapours of thyme leaves it reduces nervous exhaustion in humans, thyme extracts with honey has specialty to cure all respiratory infections such as asthma, continuous cough, relieve bronchitis and chest congestion.