Why chestnut trees are wide choice?

Agriculture is a back bone of any country to produce the food substance to lead their nation happily. Many land owners gets confused what to plant in the lands and this confusion happen often in summer. Because in summer farmers have lots of options to plant to yield mainly due to the weather condition in same way during summer season the risk also high.

Although there are several options most of land owners choose chestnut plantation in summer, growing chestnut trees can be done in any range of climate. Moreover chest trees will adapt to any climate region in addition it is blight resistant, it can be started in seed or seedling.

growing chestnuts from seeds

Steps to grow chestnut tree from seed:

For growing chestnuts from seeds you need to follow four basic steps which are listed below.

Basic planting: To plant a chestnut tree as first step you need to choose perfect land which receives direct sunlight for more than six hours. The land should be little sloppy to prevent the root from soggy. Next the soil type should be checked chestnut trees can be gowned in sandy loam soil, rock, gravel and clay soils but avoid heavy clay and limestone soils. For chestnut trees the soil should be little bit acidic so maintain pH level from 4.5 to 6.5. Ensure that you give enough space minimum 40 feet between two trees.

Starting from Seed: initially seed has to be chilled to germinate them properly it can be done either using natural process or by using refrigerator for several months. Seeds can be sow in mid march when the soil is soft and warm. You need cover the area with screen or basket to protect seed from damages.

Caring for the Tree: for first two month seed need 1gallon of water to grow as weeds and grasses without any damage. To have control on weeds you can use herbicide or some organic mulch to make tree grow better. During second year you can use fertilizer which encourage the leaf and root production of tree. For first three years you need to train the branches by cutting off side stems and central stem to 6 or 8 feet.

Harvesting Chestnuts: while harvest the chestnuts trees do not produce seeds initially it will take more than five years to give seeds. It can also used as food or as seeds for future plantation.